The Maze at Dunskey

First Hedge Maze in South West Scotland


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  • Hours: TBA

The Maze

Mazes and labyrinths have a long and ancient history, but the Maze at Dunskey is one of the more recent additions. It was planted in 2003 using the New Zealand broadleaf Griselinia littoralis and is believed to be the first hedge maze planted in south west Scotland. Griselinia is a tough plant that withstands the strong winter winds and quickly re-grows if damaged. The maze was planted using material that was propagated in the garden.

The pattern is based around the maze at Hampton Court but with one or two minor modifications. Like all mazes there is a key to finding the route to the centre – and the way out again. But the correct path twists and turns and seems much longer than it actually is.

Since it’s opening the maze has proved very popular with visitors and especially with families. Squeals of delight are often heard from somewhere amongst the hedges, followed by triumphant cheers when everyone finds the exit.

Beyond the maze is a small tree nursery where a selection of Scottish native trees are grown along with a few ornamentals. These are mostly used for hedging, planting in the Dunskey woods, and in the gardens. Some trees are also available for sale to the general public.